Project for TV series. In development.

Looking Forward Trilogy

Looking Forward Trilogy – a cinematic experience that perverts the sense of time.

Looking Forward (8 min miniDV color 2007)

Looking Forward – Man & Woman (HDV color 13 min 2009)

Looking Forward Manhattan (HD color 20 min 2015)

Looking Forward Trilogy

Looking Forward Trilogy – a cinematic experiment that plays with the perception of time.

Looking Forward (color miniDV 8min 2007)

Looking Forward – Man & Woman (color HDV 13min 2009)

Looking Forward Manhattan (color HD 20min 2015)

Banda da Casa

(in development)

Developed at the BINGER FILM LAB in Amsterdam with the support of the AFK -Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and ANCINE – Agência Nacional do Cinema, Roberta Marques’ new screenplay BANDA DA CASA tells the story of rock singer-songwriter in her musical journey of self-discovery.

The project is a co-production between LATITUDE SUL FILMES, 3 MOINHOS PRODUÇÕES and BELAVISTA CINEMA.

Looking Forward – Manhattan

“I noticed the sea, I noticed the music – I wanted to dance.” (Allen Ginsberg)

Looking Forward Manhattan is an ode to New York City, its inhabitants and its artists. The film is the third and concluding part of the Looking Forward Trilogy by Roberta Marques in collaboration with American choreographer and performer Michael Schumacher.

  • Director Roberta Marques
  • With Michael Schumacher
  • Cinematographer Artur Ratton Kummer
  • Producer Latitude Sul
  • Running Time 20 min
  • Genre Short experimental fiction
  • HD, Color, 2014


Rânia (Graziela Felix) tells the story of a 16-year-old girl who lives in the slums of the northern Brazilian town of Fortaleza. Rânia helps with the household chores, studies in a local public school, works in a bar on the beach and dreams to become a dancer. Alongside her inseparable best friend, Zizi (Nataly Rocha), Rânia is introduced to the ‘Sereia da Noite’, a local bohemian joint where fun, dance and money mix, fuse and rock the night. When Rânia meets the choreographer Estela (Mariana Lima), she will be torn between the nightlife and the daily dance practice. Can Rânia realize her dream and maybe even earn her living dancing?

“An obsession with dance runs through the oeuvre of Roberta Marques. It’s an obsession with which she infected the protagonist in her first feature film. Instead of choosing a raw, social-realistic style that would be an obvious choice in a teenage drama taking such a close look at life, Marques made the daring decision to create a dreamy and tranquil mood. Not such an obvious choice when seen in the context of Rânia’s life, but it’s closer to the ambitions and dreams she so passionately yearns for.

Carried by a beautiful leading role by Graziela Felix, Marques turns her feature debut into an ode to the energy and determination of young people”. (IFFR)

  • Director Roberta Marques
  • With Graziela Felix, Mariana Lima and Nataly Rocha
  • Cinematographer Heloísa Passos
  • Producer Latitude Sul
  • Associated Producer Jurubeba Produções
  • Language Portuguese
  • Running time 85 min
  • Genre Drama
  • 35mm, Color, 2012
  • Best Film Rio Int. Film Festival – New Trends 2011
  • Best Film FEMINA Int. Women´s Film Festival 2012
  • BNB prize Cine Ceará 2012
  • Best Actress Cine Ceará 2012
  • Official Selection Int. Film Festival Rotterdam 2012

Looking Forward – Man and Woman

photo: Delfina Rocha

Looking Forward – Man and Woman is a love letter from a man to his wife at the end of their long lives, and simultaneously a portrait of a younger couple at the beach, where both the waves and time run backwards in opposition to the drift of fate. The second film in a trilogy that plays with the reversal of movement and time in video and dance to create mind-binding illusions.

*Looking Forward – Man and Woman is a EMPAC DANCE MOViES Commission 2008, supported by the Jaffe Fund for Experimental Media and Performing Arts -Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA. With the support of Prefeitura de Fortaleza, Vila das Artes and the Netherlands General Consulate in Rio de Janeiro and the Netherlands Embassy in Brazil.

  • Director Roberta Marques
  • With Michael Schumacher and Pim Boonprakob
  • Cinematographer Popy Ribeiro
  • Producer Latitude Sul
  • Language English
  • Running time 15min
  • Genre Dance Film
  • HD, Color, 2009
  • DANCE MOViES Premiere EMPAC, Troy, NY 2009
  • Int. Premiere: Cinedans Film Festival, Amsterdam 2009

Looking Forward

photo: Chico Colombo

A man walks forward while the world around him, goes backward. Looking Forward is the first film of a trilogy that investigates the reversing of movement and time. The experiment influences the way we perceive the notion of backwards and forward / past and future.

  • Director Roberta Marques
  • With Michael Schumacher
  • Cinematographer Micha Douwes
  • Producer Latitude Sul
  • Co Producer Studio Entre Nous/Spring Dance Festival
  • Running time 8 min
  • Genre Dance Film
  • Year 2007
  • Award for Best Film ACT Festival, Bilbao Spain 2008
  • Official Selection Competition IMZ Dance Screen 2008
  • LA Dance Camera West Festival special outdoor 2008
  • Opening film Springdance Festival 2007 Utrecht, NL


photo: Luciana Otoch

Sidney is a 16 years old boy from the northern Brazilian coast who dreams to fly away from his provincial hometown. He sell birds on the Fortaleza beach where, one day, he meets a foreigner man who wants more from him than to just buy his birds. That can be Sidney chance to fly away.

  • Director Roberta Marques
  • With Rafael Nasário, Ederson Rodrigues Xavier, Dic van Duin and Duda Paiva.
  • Cinematographer Roberta Marques
  • Producer Latitude Sul
  • Running time 16 min
  • Genre Short experimental fiction
  • Year 2007
  • Award for Best Film For Rainbow 2007
  • Award for Best Actor (Dic van Duin) For Rainbow 2007

Deixa IR

photo: Tara Fallaux

Deixa IR is a docudrama about two young Brazilian girls, Rosana and Clarice, who moved to Europe with the dream to study dance. They are in Amsterdam studying at Modern Dance School. As the girls are developing both as dancers and as individuals, their dream is being confronted with realistic problems like immigration laws, lack of money, physical and emotional stress. With commentaries of the director the film makes a parallel between her own experiences as a Brazilian immigrant in Europe for more than 10 years and the fresh experiences of the two girls

  • Director Roberta Marques
  • Producer Latitude Sul
  • With Clarice Lima and Rosana Pinheiro
  • Running Time 61 min
  • Genre Docudrama
  • 2005
  • Official competition Rio Int Film Festival 2005


A woman returns to her homeland as a foreigner.

  • Director Roberta Marques
  • With Luciana Marques and Daniele Ellery
  • Producer Latitude Sul
  • Running Time 13 min
  • Genre Short experimental fiction
  • 1997
  • Jury Prize Mix Brazil 1997
  • Official Selection Int. Film Festival Rotterdam 1998